What I Learned Watching Too Much TV

We just finished epic tv show watching. We finished all 5 seasons of Sons of Anarchy in 2 weeks, then 3 seasons of Downton Abbey in a week. There was hardly any sleep and very little interest in anything not directly related to the tv characters I was absorbed with. Example: During Downton I drank only tea. It wasn’t all soap operas, I did learn some important lessons about myself and the world.

  1. Death happens. Even if you are the star of the show with top billing you could be killed off.  If you are just a guest star on a show, enjoy it will you can because you won’t be around for long. No one is safe from sudden death (or dismemberment) on a tv show. 
  2. The life of a tv character would suit me, there’s very little hard work to be done and a lot of flouncing around and scheming. I don’t particularly enjoy scheming but if it was the price of flouncing I could manage.
  3. At the start of a tv show I am going to like whichever heart throb the creators throw at me. By the end I’ll set my cap to the dark and damaged soul lurking in the back. The love affair usually ends badly, see #1.
  4. I am not a fan of online piracy, in all cases I prefer paying for shows. But legal online streaming sucks, in fact I think they cause the glitches to make us watch the commercials over and over and over. Also some shows aren’t available online in Canada at all. Yes I’m looking at you SAMCRO.
  5. If there are spoilers to be found I will find them. I don’t believed that patience is a virtue but I’ve never read the end of a book before I earned it. It doesn’t seem that I follow the same rule with tv shows. I must know what will happen next. Interestingly, knowing what will happen hasn’t ruined the watching.

In another week I will be finished mourning the end of Downton Abbey and ready for a new show. What’s your favourite tv show? And please suggest something that I can access without rerouting my IP address through 4 countries and hacking into my American friends Amazon and iTunes accounts.




  1. So you’re an ___ fan, huh?

  2. If you have Netflix I have very much enjoyed Damages (I am 2 episodes from the Series finale). I also have Game of Thrones and True Blood DVD’s on request from our local library. Hopefully they don’t come in at the same time.

    • Kristin Glasbergen says:

      I bought Ken the Game of Thrones books for Christmas, as soon as he gets through them I’m signing up to watch. I haven’t heard of Damages, I’ll search it out. Thanks.

  3. Until the last season, I would have left Craig for Jax. I haven’t watched jumped on the Downton, Abbey yet. Lets see – The Walking Dead, Dexter, Empire Boardwalk…..and I agree with the others. Just so you don’t think I’m a complete TV head, I’ve watched most of these an episode at a time on the treadmill!

  4. I would like to flounce also. Although I haven’t gotten into any of those shows. We don’t have premium channels. I know, the horror.

  5. Knowing you’re in Canada limits my choices — about a year ago, I’d have told you that the best show, ever, on TV was The Wire. And while I maintain that The Wire has the best written/acted character in the history of television (Omar Little), I’ve been won over by Breaking Bad. There’s just something about watching a good, decent person consciously become evil.

    I am always tempted to sit down and watch old Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, or Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes while working out. And I want to give Lost another go in a way that I don’t have to worry about long breaks & ill-timed commercials (in the US, on Netflix, episodes are fully commercial free).

    • Kristin Glasbergen says:

      I’ve never heard of the wire, I’ll look it up. I’ve heard Breaking Bad is good too. We are thinking about signing up for Netflix but our modem is too far from the tv. Need to sort out our network first.

  6. I SO love Downtown Abbey. When I was down with the flu I got all caught up on episodes and may have even let Nora watch with me. Which, of course is a bad idea, but the upshot is there is someone around the house who is willing to fake a British accent with me.

    • Kristin Glasbergen says:

      L was very interested in the costumes, and of course the flouncing. We watched Violet’s best lines on YouTube several times.

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