What Defines Me

When I started this blog I called myself a pessimist and a grump. One that was committed to changing her ways but still that’s what I labelled myself.

That was back when my mean wolf had the run of the place. I’ve kicked her sorry mean ass to the curb now.

Sometimes I am grumpy and sometimes I am pessimistic and sometimes I am mean but those words don’t define me.

A few years ago at Blissdom Canada there was an exercise going around about finding your one word. What was the one word that defined you? It made me very uncomfortable  and I didn’t want to play but I felt that I should because everyone else was. I felt a lot of pressure to find the “perfect” word but I never did.

Now I know why- I am more than one word. I am an ever changing parade of words. I know this for sure because I am a blogger and I haven’t run out of words yet. Even when I’ve had writer’s block and the thought of one more blog post felt like torture I still had words. Lousy words but they were there.

In the spirit of embracing all the possible combinations of words out there, I’ve changed the Kristin’s Glas tagline. Welcome to the new and improved Kristin’s Glas, where my glas of life will overflow.

Let’s make a pinky promise friends, not to let just one word define us. Let’s be rainbows of words.

Oh and remember when I said I wasn’t going to switch over to a self-hosted WordPress blog? Surprise! I changed my mind. Welcome. I’m still moving in but I’d love for you to subscribe to Kristin’s Glas and visit again.



  1. I love that you’re doing this, and writing this way.

    So peaceful and intimate.

  2. Yay! Love the new tagline. Love the new blog. One word is too limiting. Also, what is the “shut up fish” tag about?

  3. I love that idea Kristin! I remember that exercise (even though I wasn’t at blissdom I heard talk of it on twitter) and I felt equally put off by it. Rainbow of words! Love it!

  4. Lianne says:

    Love it :) I’d like to think there is a word for each day, today I will be strong, tomorrow I will be productive, yesterday I was lazy. I try not to expect perfection from myself every day (or at all), I just try my best to get through each day without causing too much damage ;)

    • Your monster picture is perfect for not causing too much damage, he has a black eye. Ha!
      I think aiming for a word as a goal is different than it defining you. Today I am productive, tomorrow I’ll be tidy. Maybe.

  5. I don’t think I could choose just one word. In doing so I feel that it would make me more of a one-dimensional person and I am far from that. I love the complexity of what defines me. Today my word is “inspired” and tomorrow it might be “unstoppable”. I don’t believe in putting limits on myself and wouldn’t one word do that?

    Great post, my friend. Great post.

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