Stay Just A Little Bit Longer

I love to hate summer. Well, maybe I don’t love to hate it but we have a mutual understanding to agree to disagree. And summer looks the other way when I complain about it online.

Being against summer means I am giddy with excitement when the first week of September rolls around and heralds school and cooler temperatures. The first week of September and I are best friends, so much so that I am so impatient to see it again that I barely enjoy labour day weekend.

But this year-

Either it wasn’t all that hot out or I didn’t get enough complaining in because I am really not ready to stay good bye to summer 2012. Most of our summer was lost to making the house show ready and related panic attacks. I don’t feel that I got my money’s worth out of summer yet.

No school, not yet. Let’s stay home in our pajamas and make papier mache or tie-dye t-shirts or gimp bracelets. Let’s do them all, there’s always craft time in the summer. Let’s stay up late and spend the next day playing in the sprinkler. Let’s ride our bikes and make popsicles.

I didn’t even wear my white pants.

I know I don’t deserve it but please give me another chance. Just 2 weeks longer. Please. I have my own pool now and while I can’t promise I will do my very best to not complain about the heat next year.

Whatever you decide summer, I am sticking with iced coffee and flip flops until October. No amount of marketing can force me into a pumpkin spice latte and tall boots.


  1. You can come visit here. Summer doesn’t start until mid-August here. It’s horribly hot and we’re miserable and in school. Not fair. October, that’s my month.

  2. I joke about looking forward to school starting to get rid of the kids, but I love everything about summer. Of course, we only have a few really hot days… It always leaves way too fast.

    • Our summers are usually like… well, you know last year when you were in Boston? Like that.
      Last night I insisted sleeping in summer pjs. Froze my patootie off. It’s looking like I just have to accept it’s over and start buying pumpkins.

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