Just Call Me Demolition Girl

Almost three months after we’ve moved in I’m still struggling to figure out where to put all our things and how to make do with the current décor until the time comes to rip down all the walls and renovate the whole place.  Easier said then done.

I was making my humble Christmas list this week and sure, there’s a whole lot (a real whole lot) of fancy things I could list, but what I really want more than anything is a new laundry room. I might of said that on Facebook and it might have become quite controversial. To be clear, I would like a new laundry room for Christmas, the rest of you good people can ask Santa for whatever your hearts desire. My laundry room dream does not and will not affect what’s under the tree for you Christmas morning. Okey doke?

Still a new laundry room isn’t a traditional Christmas present but I have good reasons for asking. Very good reasons.

Exhibit A – The laundry sink

This beauty is the sump pump. From what I gather it’s needed to pump the drain into the septic tank because this sink is below grade.  Whatever, it’s freakin’ ugly and I don’t want any part of it. There’s no automatic feature on this model, I need to stand there and activate it until it empties the sinks. Excellent use of my time.

It’s important to note that this pump has live wires on the top. Live wires in the sink, with water. I know this because one day when I was cleaning paint brushes I flicked the stick with my wet hand.

I won’t do that again.

Exhibit B – The fake bricks

I get that some people have different ideas about what makes up a pretty home. But I challenge anyone to agree that fake bricks have a place inside a home.

I should be clear, some of this bricks are real but they are like a brick front, like a tile of brick. Some of these, most of the white ones, are plastic with a wood back. All are glued on and grouted with cement. It’s so very pretty.

There is no place in my laundry room for fake bricks.

Exhibit C – There’s no heat.

I don’t have a picture of the non-functioning radiator. I am planning a sewing table and a craft station in the laundry room and I think heat would make big projects more enjoyable. I do live in Canada.

I rest my case. You fine jurors can decide for yourselves, is a laundry room makeover a worthy Christmas present or not?

Whatever your decision I am renovating it anyway, in fact I’ve already started. I took off a few bricks as an exploratory exercise and the next thing I knew I was throwing around a hammer and a crowbar and standing in a pile of rubble.

Yes Kristin there is mouse poop in those walls.

This archway was a nasty bit of work. The fake bricks were glued and nailed in, plus it was above my head. I couldn’t wear the safety googles with the dust mask because they fogged up. I was forced to decide whether to protect my eyes or my lungs. I went with lungs, currently I am flushing 14 lbs of cement dust out of my eyes. I also had to master the tricky work of using a hammer and crowbar above my head.

I managed but I haven’t been able to lift my arms since.

A good day’s work. Next up I’m getting a dumpster and recruiting a demolition team, there’s A LOT more bricks left.

Lesson Learned: catch up on your laundry before you decide to make a dusty mess of the the washer and dryer.


  1. You are incredible.

    I couldn’t do this, wish I could see the mental vision that drives you.

    Some pix of what your dream there would look like?

    • It’s a bit of an experiment. Either I will be incredible or it will be in a semi-renovated state for 3 years.

      I am thinking a very warm space. Maybe cork floors and bright happy colours. We have some cherry red tiles that I might use.

  2. I hope you have a fine pair of safety glasses. Can’t you just hang around Home Depot and hope someone wants to take you home and do it for you? I think you would make a fabulous television star.

  3. Okay, you can have a laundry room for Christmas. Good golly, a sump pump and live wires? That’s just not right.

  4. I am totally the kind of person who would ask for a new laundry room for Christmas. I am practical that way. At the moment i am watching sales and trying to finagle my way into a new fridge for Christmas :) Oh Kristin! That is one heck of a mess! SO so much work. But you will be so happy when it is done. Looking forward to all the progress posts!

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