I Am A Commoner

I’ve never bought into the whole societal pressures idea. When I read something about how advertising has an effect on my daily life, I roll my eyes in dismissal- I am above advertising.

But am I really?

Lately the kids have taken a liking to Teletoon, our local retro cartoon station. The antics of Bugs Bunny and friends crack them up. But Teletoon has commercials. Commercials are new to my kids, Disney Jr and Treehouse don’t have commercials. For products anyway, they advertise their other shows.

I wasn’t happy about TV advertising making an entrance into my kid’s lives but listening to them falling off the couch laughing put it out of my mind. Until…

I sat down to wax my legs and my 5 year old informed me that I should get the No No. I asked her what a No No was and she told me “No hair, no pain. Two million people have it.” I told her that I didn’t need a No No, she responded with “It’s guaranteed!”

My 5 year old thinks that hair removal requires 3 easy payments of $19.95 plus shipping and handling. What was I was saying about being above advertising?

New rule: No more Bugs, unless it’s PVR’ed and we can fast forward the commercials. And no No No’s until they are 18. If my kids want to remove hair before they turn 18 they can sneak a razor and slice off half their leg like I did.



  1. Too funny! I try to limit advertising around here. We use NetFlix quite a bit or the On Demand channel. Some ads are really funny though – I like the Nike “Run to You” one in particular.

  2. That is funny! Morgan said the same thing to me, you should get a no-no Momma! My girls like the bugs bunny and tweety show too! I figure it didn’t do us too much harm, they can watch it! They think it’s hilarious, and we are very familiar with the no-no! The commercial is on over and over and over. I told the girls they are lying, and it doesn’t work. I said don’t believe commercials they just want you to spend money!! Even the toys aren’t always as awesome in real life, they try to make them look way better on the commercial than they actually are. Kailtyn gets it, but she’s 7, Morgan not so much! I figure they are going to be exposed to the lies of advertising sooner or later right? I”m trying to brainwash them into thinking commercials = lies. Is that bad?

    • That’s pretty much what I said too. Don’t trust anyone who stands to make money from their influence, I maybe used simpler words.
      I don’t think that it’s bad, I think it’s the truth.

  3. Oh my God! That is the funniest commercial I’ve ever seen! And hilarious that your daughter recommended it. I still have scars from my first stealth shaving experience (lesson learned: use soap and water) and it would be a shame if our daughters didn’t have the same experiences. Also, are we supposed to be removing our arm hair now? I’m behind if that’s the case.

    • I’ve never seen it, only online last night. I couldn’t get through the whole thing.

      I think we are supposed to be totally hairless, except our heads which should be long to our feet and blond with various fancy braids. I’m behind too.

  4. I’ve shaved my legs on rare occasions, always before a tattoo, and I’ve never, ever done it without nearly bleeding to death.

    But, I remember, as a kid, being drawn to infomercials like nothing else.

    For shows, we watch things on Netflix, PBS, Sprout, or Disney . . . and it’s bliss. I know it won’t last, though.

  5. If I would have avoided commercials my kids wouldn’t have wanted those damn Stompeez slippers for Christmas. Sophie wanted a “Flip and Fold” to fold clothing when she was about 5. Should have bought it for her as she is the worst at helping with the laundry!

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