Hello? Anyone There?

It seems that I am having trouble remembering that I am a blogger. Or why I like being a blogger.

I’ve been reading Gretchen Rubin’s Happier at Home and in it she talks about an all or nothing approach to Christmas time sweets. She feels that it’s easier for her to abstain completely than to eat sweets moderately. The same goes for me and blogging, it’s easier for me to set a rule that I must write a blog post everyday than it is to write when I feel like it.

Case in point, I gave myself permission to stop writing posts when we moved and that was 2 months ago. I do better with rules and I am happier when I am writing blog posts, that’s why I do it.

So here’s my new rule – I am going to commit to NaPloPoMo and write a blog post everyday but I am not going to publish everyday. I lose interest in blogs that publish everyday so I won’t do that to you kind folks.

Any other bloggers out there feeling the need to get back to the keyboard and want to join me? I do like a team.


  1. I need to stick with a schedule too, or I just won’t do it. But I’m backing down right now, no way I have the motivation to do everyday for a month. Good for you though. I’ve missed your words.

  2. I have totally missed you, but I knew you would write again when your life calmed down. I have never had a schedule. I am as random as they come :) I would like to write a little more than I have been though so maybe I’ll challenge myself to step it up a bit.

  3. You have been missed! Is there a special sign up for daily posts?

  4. I am very all or nothing about….just about everything.

  5. I need to read that book and blog everyday. Count me in

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