So, uhm, hi. I haven’t been doing much blogging lately. Maybe you noticed? I’ve got a good reason, several good reasons.

We moved. It was a big job. Huge. Took me all of August to pack. And unpacking, well, maybe I’ll be finished in 2016. OK, fine I finished unpacking already except for those 3 boxes of random junk that I’d rather just give away.

We renovated. This is an ongoing 10 year project. We are currently stalled in the basement because there’s water leaking in and I have no idea who to call to solve this. There’s also water leaking in through the roof over my bedroom, the guy we called for that is on vacation. Smart guy.

We landscaped. I spent most of October digging up 18 million hostas that I am positive will come up in the spring regardless of having been composted. I wish I was joking. We also clear cut our new property so we could replant 500 trees, on a slope. Good times.

We watched tv. Have you folks watched Sons of Anarchy? If not get on that ASAP, it’s awesome but don’t expect to sleep because there’s no turning it off until you’ve watched every. single. episode. We had a good little obsession going on here until watched them all. It’s just as well, I don’t think a crow tramp stamp is my style. Now we are into Downton Alley, it’s good but I had a poor me meltdown this afternoon because I had to dress myself.

I drive. Seriously I drive a lot, it’s ridiculous. Our biggest expense at the new house is gas because I am commuting the kids to their old schools, ones we could walk to from our old house. It’s a half hour trip one way and the bells are 20 minutes apart cause my kids are at separate schools. Driving is a huge part of my day. I’m desperate for some snow days or strike days or even sick days. Don’t ask why I agreed to all this driving, it’s an epic story and I am likely to start crying.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


The truth of it is I was happy not blogging. I was happy puttering about my new house and looking at paint colours and new furniture. I’m not so happy any more, in fact I’m kind of bored. Like staring at the wall because solitaire on my phone can’t hold my attention bored.

And Poppy has started this new meme called Threesome Thursdays and while I am honoured that she named me one of the bloggers who could get her to eat brussel sprouts she also said I had abandoned the blogging world and she didn’t name me one of the bloggers she’d want in the delivery room. This will not do! I MUST be in Poppy’s imaginary blogging delivery room. Everyone needs a goal.


  1. You would be on a lot of my lists actually ….
    Who I’d want to backpack across Europe with
    Who I’d go skinnydipping with
    Who I’d take bodyshots off of Fabio with

    I’m just glad to see your face!

    • Kristin Glasbergen says:

      Let’s go to Europe for our 40th birthdays! And we can skippydip and do body shots off of someone while we are there.

  2. We all need a bloggy-breather once in awhile. Glad you’re back!

  3. Oh how I missed your witty blog postings. Welcome back!

  4. Carol Anne says:

    The house and the MC couldn’t keep you away forever! Glad to see you up and blogging:)

  5. SoA is addictive. Terribly addictive. And your house is looking great! It is NOT the same house inside or out that it was on move-in day! A break is sometimes a good thing- other things get done, and you realize what you really enjoy :) Thank goodness the driving is just for one year….and it is almost half over :) It is good to see you back blogging!!

    • Downton Abbey is proving equally addictive. It’s my duty to hook you into it too. You started the SoA and I roped Carol Anne in, now it’s going the other way.

      And it really isn’t the same house is it? Though I’d really like to loose the sump pump in the laundry sink ASAP.

  6. So glad you’re back! I missed reading your blogging thoughts! And I think phill missed your humour too, because I see he already read the email post ;-)

  7. They sound like pretty good reasons to me, not so much excuses. I’ve decided I need a chauffeur for all my driving so I can get something done while I drive.

  8. The thought that you’ve been happy more than makes up for the absence – though I’ll admit that I’ve been wondering just what you might have been up to.

    Leaking water sucks donkey balls.

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