Music Obsessed

I have a new toy. Not that kind of toy. Get outta the gutter you folks.

I have a treadmill. It was a big decision despite that it was my plan when we moved and there was room for one. I was terrified that I would use it once and hate it and it would sit as an expensive clothes horse. But I like it a lot. And now that I live in the forest it’s kind of tricky building up the kilometers with snow covered trails, in a valley with hills every way you look.  Today I was all keener and suited up to run outside, I lasted 20 minutes. Ice covered puddles aren’t fun for me.

I’ve been diligently racking up the kilometers and even some miles. It took me a week to figure out how to change the control panel to metric so there were a few imperially measured runs in there. But the view is a bummer.



Straight ahead.


Someone clean my desk already.

out the window

If I crane my neck to the right it’s not so bad.



I try not to look to the left, unmade bed and unpacked boxes, no thanks.


While our basement is being renovated this is the only spot for Tmill and with no TV to amuse me I must have music. My current running playlist maxes out at 32 minutes and it takes me… well… a lot longer to run 5km. There’s only so many times you can hear Glee on repeat before you have to stop running and yell at something.

So I did running song research. The first step was asking my FB friends, they had enough suggestions for an entire 56 minutes playlist. I’m calling it “Friends for Faster Running”. Then I found the super supportive team at Another Mother Runner, they have lists of running playlists for my (and your) amusement. Of course the first one I organized was Ready to Run Country.

I love country music. And I’m not kidding. I don’t even care what Toby Keith says, I would smoke weed with Willie anytime.

Then late one night Ken and I were introduced to Songza and it’s changed my life. Pre-made playlists for every possible mood, activity and celebration. When I finally meet Willie Nelson, Songza will have a weed smoking playlist for us.



It’s not all bad on the treadmill, if I keep at it long enough the distance is a nice thing to look at

What’s your favourite running or workout song?


What Blogging Means To Me

I’ve been distracted.

There was the buying of a house, which was way more emotional than I expected. Then there was the cleaning and staging of my house, which was exactly as dull as I expected. Then I went to BlogHer, which was not as fun as I expected. Then there was the offer on our house, which was harder than I expected.

It turns out that selling your house feels a little like throwing out a member of your family. There might be something in there about expectations too, but that’s another post.

And through all this I had Olympics to watch.

Like I said, distracted. When your emotions are on a rollercoaster and you have to shine your bathroom fixtures every 3 hours, you need to empty your plate a little to keep your sanity. What I mean is I had to take a blogging vacation because I couldn’t fit everything in.

Blogging takes time and it takes work, it’s like exercise that way. It’s easy to take a break, not so easy to get started once you’ve let it slide for a little too long.

I like blogging. I like it because it reminds me of who I am and who I want to be. I like sharing my stories. I like the reminder to be open and vulnerable. That reminder stays with me long after I’ve left the screen.

When I stop blogging, even just for a week, I forget about sharing my story and I forget about being vulnerable. Very quickly I become somebody I don’t want to be. Someone who withdraws inside of myself.

For me blogging isn’t about who is listening. I love comments and retweets as much as anyone but that’s not what is most important to me. For me blogging is a reminder to share who I am, all the time.

So I am going to carry on blogging. Through the packing and the move and the unpacking because to give it up and take a break means I am taking a break from who I want to become.

No new house is worth that.


Bloom Like A Sunflower

Sometimes it takes me a long time to learn something. Like a ridiculously long time. Case in point- watch my friend Mandi teach me to crochet at Homemade Frontier.

I’ve heard for a long time that we should surround ourselves with good people, our awesome 2% people. Anne Shirley calls them kindred spirits. In response to all this good people talk my internal dialogue was “Ya ya, good people, I’ve got good people.”

But do I?

The last few months have been a journey of personal growth and awareness. I guess all life is a journey of personal growth. I’ll call it an intense and active few months of growing and challenging myself.

All this growing and challenging has forced me to re-evaluate my kindred spirits. Are the people I choose to surround myself with the best folks for the job?

Kindred spirits make me feel good. They see the best in me and that makes me see better in myself. And in turn I want to see the best in them. There’s no losing when you are surrounded by good people.

Their sunshine in my life makes me bloom and like a sunflower I want to follow the direction of that sunshine.

That’s why I need good people. I get it now.

What Defines Me

When I started this blog I called myself a pessimist and a grump. One that was committed to changing her ways but still that’s what I labelled myself.

That was back when my mean wolf had the run of the place. I’ve kicked her sorry mean ass to the curb now.

Sometimes I am grumpy and sometimes I am pessimistic and sometimes I am mean but those words don’t define me.

A few years ago at Blissdom Canada there was an exercise going around about finding your one word. What was the one word that defined you? It made me very uncomfortable  and I didn’t want to play but I felt that I should because everyone else was. I felt a lot of pressure to find the “perfect” word but I never did.

Now I know why- I am more than one word. I am an ever changing parade of words. I know this for sure because I am a blogger and I haven’t run out of words yet. Even when I’ve had writer’s block and the thought of one more blog post felt like torture I still had words. Lousy words but they were there.

In the spirit of embracing all the possible combinations of words out there, I’ve changed the Kristin’s Glas tagline. Welcome to the new and improved Kristin’s Glas, where my glas of life will overflow.

Let’s make a pinky promise friends, not to let just one word define us. Let’s be rainbows of words.

Oh and remember when I said I wasn’t going to switch over to a self-hosted WordPress blog? Surprise! I changed my mind. Welcome. I’m still moving in but I’d love for you to subscribe to Kristin’s Glas and visit again.


Sometimes You Just Have To Get Away

I’ve been going on, and on, about this writer’s block thing I diagnosed myself with but I’m changing my diagnosis.
I read something on Pinterestthat I liked.

That’s me, I’m in a “getting ready to be launched” state. To ready myself for this launch, I packed up and headed to my nation’s fine capital for a mom’s only retreat. That’s right, only the mom.

I escaped. And set up a satellite writing command post.

I ordered coffee and eggs. Also grapefruit juice.

Took myself out for lunch. Where I slopped soup all over a great blog post. Stay tuned for that.

Enjoyed an entire bar of milk chocolate with sea salt. Not one person asked to share it, so I didn’t.

When it was all over I had to pack up and take myself home. Obviously I needed a little pick me up for good spirits. Shhh, don’t tell anyone about the chips.

I feel good things happening already. Brie from Capital Mom and I got into cahoots over dinner and have submitted a proposal to BlogHer ’12’s Room of your Own about blogging and journalling. Please take a peek and “I would attend this session”. Please and thank you.

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