A Few Fun Things About The New House

And by fun I mean are you freakin’ kidding me.


These pink beauties are the drapes in my bedroom. So far they are staying. I’m kind of fascinated by the scalloped valence, they are perfect.


The only working shower is turned on by that red handle. If you look closely at the shower head you will see 800 years of hardwater damage.


Move in day. How do you like my fireplace?


My new kitchen. It’s not nearly as nice as it looks and those retro plastic pull outs don’t pull out. That’s not true, they pull out if there’s nothing on them.


Super fancy electrical plates in my bedroom. You are jealous, I know. Even better is that only the outlets in our bedroom actually work. There’s a few other secret ones that you have to hunt for. It’s fun.


Not just a chiming clock, it’s also the door bell. Really fun when there’s a gang of small children in the house banging into it every 30 seconds. Sometimes the dog whacks it. So far real visitors have rung the door bell twice and I gave the kids a hard time for banging the chimes. I only looked at the front door once they both claimed innocence and the dog was nowhere to be found.

So if you drop by ring the door bell a few times and don’t mind me yelling at the kids.


This cutting edge modern contraption is my oven. It actually works, which was a pleasant surprise. But do not touch any part of it when it’s on you will get burned, that sucker heats up.


In case you missed the model name. It’s a party everyday here!

And the very best part of my new house. Wall to wall mirrored bathroom. For accuracy I’ve given you the “if you were sitting on the toilet” view but spared you me actually sitting on the toilet. What’s even more fun is the tap at the sink has 2 speeds, off and full blast. So there’s water ALL over the mirror and the floor. The floor is white and mostly little kids have dirty feet in the summer. You can imagine how the whole bathroom looks after we’ve been here a week.


We are quickly making the new house our home.


  1. I love that bathroom! Wow, it reminds me of a dressing room for the star of the show, Morgan would never come out if she went in there ;)
    Your kitchen looks almost exactly like ours when we first moved in, excePt the oven is way fancier!! Can’t wait to see pics of yOur new one!! Have fun!!

    • Kristin Glasbergen says:

      Delivery is pending on the new stove and the dishwasher. Hurry!
      We also have a mirrored hallway in our room, it’s more like a runway. Much distraction.

  2. Great to see pictures of your new home. Personally I think you’re more into modern things rather than remnants from bygone eras (or maybe they’re actually all hyper modern where you live!). The sockets thing is hilarious! I’ve never seen anything like it.

    I take it you’re replacing the kitchen at the first opportunity? I hope you have a wonderful life in your new house.

    • Kristin Glasbergen says:

      I am more modern than vintage. I’ve never seen anything like those outlet covers either.
      The kitchen is low on the priority list, though we are doing a few changes to get it up to snuff. Bathrooms and basement first.

  3. Wow! That is super fancy! Is that your coat of arms over the fireplace or the previous owner’s? I can’t stop looking at the outlet cover. It’s all about the jewel tones.

  4. That’s some fixer-upper you’ve got there. Fancy decor.

  5. And this is the dream house that met all your criteria? You got vision girl! I can’t wait to see the progress. :)

  6. Half of our house was 1975 and the other half was 1986 when we moved in. The last of the wallpaper went in 2009. There is still shag carpet in one room.
    It’s get there!

  7. I was wondering today why you hadn’t blogged in so long only to realize you’re not showing up in my RSS?!? I feel like a negligent bloggy friend :(

    And those mirrors….the horror!!

  8. Isn’t doing work around the house fun? The house that I’ve been in, for 10 years, had baby-girl-pink walls & baby-boy-blue carpet in the family room, mint-green walls & carpet in the dining & living rooms, a gold leaf wallpaper throughout the hallways, hot pink shag carpet in one bedroom, and electric blue shag carpet in another. We’ve been working through . . . only the electric blue remains . . . but, damn it’s been a lot of work.

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